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Advantec, Japan
Advantec manufactures filter products according to international standards and has established quality control specifications to assure you of superior product integrity, consistency, reproducibility and uniform performance.
� Membrane filters
� Prefiltration media
� Glass fiber and cellulose filters
� Qualitative and quantitative filter papers
� Specialty test papers

Biologix, China
Biologix Group Limited, the manufacturer of high quality, low-priced scientific and biomedical consumables. With meticulous control, constant improvement RNase free and also non-pyrogenic.and innovation, most products manufactured are certified sterile, DNase and RNase free and also non-pyrogenic.
• Centrifuge tube
• Cell scraper
• Cryogenic storage box
• Pipette tips
• Beakers, glove
• Microcentrifuge tube
• PCR plate
• Slide storage

Excelsior Scientific, UK
Excelsior Scientific offers a wide range of sterilisation monitoring products used by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, contract sterilisation services, microbiological and pathology laboratories, and biotech companies. All Excelsior Scientific products require only minimal training to use, are manufactured in ISO 13485 certified facilities and meet all industry standards. 
• Spore strips, discs and threads
• Spore suspensions, spore ampoules, self-contained biological indicators (SCBIs)
• Chemical process indicators (dots)
• Custom indicator labels (labels, strips and ribbon)
• Sterilization monitoring inks (for Flexographic, gravure and silk screen printing processes)

Grade Packaging, UK
Grade has been manufacturing laboratory blender bags for over 30 years. Our unrivialled experience enables us to provide consistently outstanding quality.
• Laboratory bags
• Laboratory straws